HOW and WHY I Did It…?

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Everyone asks me how did I decide to do it… How did I leave my relatively stable job with clear career progression, a good income, benefits, etc…  I wish I could have been happy in that setting… I really do.  BUT sitting there in my cubicle every day I felt like I was missing out on the adventure of my life… Thinking there was so much more to life, to see, to experience and explore than what was ahead of me in my already very comfortable life in Tempe, Arizona.

I went to Spain for a “test” week after already spending 18 days on a “Solo Trip” in June 2016 (and initially fell in love) to make sure I could REALLY see myself living there… You know before quitting my job, leaving my friends/family & gym, selling almost all my belongings (including my beloved F-150), making arrangements for my horses and puppy, moving to a country where I don’t speak the language, have no steady source of income and am not allowed to work, without a place to live and knowing NOBODY…  Sounds like a great adventure to me!!!

Once back in the US, I knew I would always wonder “what If,” what if I don’t do it now…  For me, now was the perfect time in life… Recently going through a divorce, had sold my beautiful home, was not attached to my career, had a passion for the markets and confidence in myself that I will make it work.  Two months later, here I am…  Living in Barcelona trading Forex and Futures.


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